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Tamás Bakó has finished his dance education in the Budapest Dance School in 1995. Since then he was a member in Company Ismael Ivo, Marco Santí Danse Ensemble, Off Dance Company and Artus – Company of Gábor Goda.
He has also worked and collaborated with choreographers such as Iván Angelus, Rui Horta, Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi, Eszter Gál, Vicky Shick, Scott Wells, Laura Vera Esperanza, Patrik Kelemen, Zoltán Nagy, Peter Pleyer.
Currently he is working at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy, giving contemporary dance technique and Contact Improvisation classes. Eventually he's a guest teacher in other schools and festivals like the SEAD, La Manufacture or the Kontakt Budapest International Improvisation Festival. In the last yeras he has been participating in international and local labs and workshops researching the artistic and pedagogical aspects of contemporary dance. Búvár kör, Nyitott Tér, Tánc Zóna, T.T.T., IDOCDE, Teach Back.

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