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Sándor Petrovics is a ILM-movement therapist. After my late call for dance at the age of 19, I enrolled to Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy and obtained Bachelor degree. After short period in the Hungarian dance scene, I started commuting between France and Hungary performing with Kubilai Khan Investigations. In 2015 I joined the Israeli Vertigo Dance Company. In 2018, still in Tel Aviv, I certified as Ilan Lev Method practitioner. Both in Israel and later in Germany I used to be official treater in the respective companies.
After 4 years in Israel, I shifted to the German Tanzmainz Company. Dancing Sharon Eyal’s work called 'Soul Chain' allowed me to dive deeper into the Israeli movement language, called gaga. Upon my return home to Hungary, I started blending my dancing and treating experiences into a unique movement language named '3i' that stands for 'Israel Inspired Improvisations'. Recently got accepted to the Israeli Arab choreographer’s team, the Adi Boutrous Company.
Lately I started to pair with movement my decade and a half long research of the underlaying cosmology, pattern-based understanding of reality and wisdom literature of the Hebrew Bible as well as the New Testament. In my search for meaning, responsibility and understanding movement - besides the enlisted Israeli methodologies I call the aid of my own anatomical research as well as my interest in flow science.

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