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Lórànd Zachàr is an independent choreographer and director of successful dance productions in Hungary and other european countries. After his education, he spent eight years at the Budapest Dance Theatre, before he started to work in The Netherlands with the Djazzex Dance Company and with Danceworks Rotterdam. He is one of the permanent guest teachers and choreographers of the Codarts Rotterdam Dance Academy. Besides that, he is very often invited to various intensive dance stages in Europe as a contemporary dance teacher and he is a beloved master in some of the Asian countries as well.
His work is constantly looking for the meaning behind the movements, sometimes in clear and simple ways, sometimes by reaching complex extremities of the body.
His experimenting thoughts are mingling between the freedom of the mind and with the mastered contemporary dance techniques, so thus his choreographies are very interesting and surprising.
He is using the maximum physical endowments on his unique, special body-language. The often used floor-technique on the classes seeks to experience the movement fluidity.
Combinations and partner-works on workshops are characterized by the extremely isolated and self-conscious body-use.

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