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Francesca Amy comes from Italy and she began her studies at the High School of Art and Entertainment Teatro Nuovo Torino. She had Cultural and professional training with an aptitude for dance, theater, musical, art, stage design and performance arts in all their forms. In the following 2 years she studied at Opus Ballet International Choreographic Centre in Florence, under the artistic direction of Rosanna Brocanello and Daniel Tinazzi and then she studied for 3 years at Dance Arts Faculty in Rome.
She got provided high-level professional training by an extended network of consultants and various professionals from the national and international scene. Her professional work started with Fabbrica Europa with Mateja Bucar and Stefania Pigato. She danced as a member of the KEMØN dance ensemble. She was also a member of corps de ballet in Faust by Charles Gounod, directed by Giorgio Madia.
Since 2016 she is a member of the dance ensemble 420PEOPLE.
She created her own project in collaboration and support of Vaclav Kunes, INVASION.

Francesca is also a black belt of KARATE.
In 2019, the KADAMY METHOD was born in Prague, her teaching method that combines contemporary dance and karate.
Contraction, expansion, speed, relaxation, concentration. These are a few essential words for martial arts and for AMY (Francesca's art name) aswell. Her aim is to dance through healthy and energised movements, without pain.
She uses karate's exercises, story and philosophy to make the movement look better, stronger, with more control, free and harmonious at the same time.
Students need to have the right knowledge of their own body and be ready to challenge themselves to push the body into the extreme and go beyond their comfort zone.

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