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THE NEW DANCE CENTER offers an unparalleled opportunity to young dancers from across the world, to engage in some of the best professional daily trainings.The main goal of TNDC is to create a professionally unquestionable international standard in ballet and contemporary dance. During the season we give a deep insight into different ways in which choreographers work, giving the opportunity to our dancers to expand their professional skills for their future. Dancers will have the privilege to expend their view on how a company works. We are strongly working on inviting members of world famous companies whose best interest is similar to our belief. Having our beautiful studio, we can offer a safe space for the dancers to create and most of all, to be independent from any circumstances. We believe that having a well focused daily work and creation period is very important in order to fulfill our dancers' needs. We will be concentrating on two main creations and a repertoire work. Adding intensive workshops will also increase the possibility to grow into a professional. This way, dancers can strongly dive into the work and deepen their studies and research. We think that having a deep knowledge, a strong base in techniques and to be as versatile as possible is the key to fulfill the dream of becoming a real professional. We invite dancers and dance students ages 18-years and up to spend a season with us in Budapest and take part in our 10month pre-professional season.


The artistic director Tímea Maday Kinga after leading G.A.P. / Gangaray Artistic Program/ for 10 years, decided to step on her own way by founding and creating TNDC - The New Dance Center. With her 20 years of exceptional professional experience in dance and teaching she put TNDC into the next level, with a new partner and managing director Elisa Insalata.


​High level daily technical training  every weekday

Professional company-like structure

  • Customized and personalized mentoring throughout the entire program


Workshops lead by dancers coming from companies such as Akram Khan, Need Company, Cullberg Ballett, Jan Fabre, Stuttgart Ballet, Vertigo Dance Company, KOMOCO, Ballet Preljocaj, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater


Providing our social media platform to promote each dancer

Certificate of completion at the end of the season​​

Nationally unique and safe working environment

Free studio use for dancers

Personal talk evaluations during the season

To support our dancer's future, availability to participate at auditions

Providing personal videos as self promotion

Rooftop dance photography session in Rochester, NY._edited.jpg


THE NEW DANCE CENTER is perfect for dancers and dance students from across the world who are looking for a top-level pre-professional dance course in order to advance in their future career as a professional dancer. The program provides an excellent stepping stone and platform to develop on a highly-professional caliber with the goal to take you to the next level. Participants can also be in their gap year between high school and university, currently pursuing a B.A. or B.F.A. degree in dance, in the midst of a dance academy program, have graduated from such a program, or have not studied dance in a secondary education level and are seeking a springboard into a career in dance. 


The tuition fee for the whole season is 4500€
Which means:
1 month = 450€
1 week = about 100€
1 day = about 20 €
This shows that you get to pay less than 3€ per hour, even for classes with international teachers that would otherwise cost between 40€ and 150€ for a 3hour workshop.

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